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Fake It Till You Make It! Finale.

And then this… OK Wassim… you got this, you practiced this hundreds, thousands of times in your bedroom, you know this… IT’s NEUROLOGICALLY HARD WIRED IN MY SYSTEM by now. Just turn it on and go… Take a deep breath and get up… ‘where are your que cards? one of the teachers asks. ‘Miss, I ….  Read More

Fake It Till You Make It! Part Three.

Are you Still reading? here is the next digest of Fake It Till You Make!  So, I went on to write my “speech”. I have NEVER in my life worked so hard on an assignment… that even my mother would walk into my room and ask why I am working so hard at this assignment? ….  Read More

Fake It Till You Make It! part two

Continuing from last week’s post on how to overcome fear of Public speaking? The simple answer is, unless I work with you. I can not tell you how you can overcome it. I can however in this article tell you how I over came it! Remember that young Lebanese migrant (I prefer the term import) ….  Read More