Be Selfish and Be Proud of It – Part one

Why is being selfish the most selfless thing you can do? A counter intuitive way to give to others.

It’s 2019 and the global community we live in is getting smaller and smaller. We know what is happening around the globe in seconds of the occurrence. 

We are being bombarded with thousands of messages a day. Some are positive, some are negative. Our subconscious mind is constantly filtering out what to allow us to see and what not to.

The challenge with that is that our subconscious mind filters everything based upon our belief system that we created while growing up. During a time when we were unable to consciously make decisions, our subconscious mind was starting to build the belief system (our road map. Or rules for life) that we live our life by.

Do you remember as  a child we were taught to share our toys with the kid next door, or that snotty dirty kid at school?

  • It is rude not share.
  • It’s rude to be selfish
  • Be kind and put others first

Do any of these sound familiar?

Ok Hold on!… before you start going what the hell is this guy on about? Of course sharing is caring… of course I need to be kind to others, Look at the mess the world is in because we are not kind to others.

And my response to you is YES you are correct. And NO you are not correct.

The world is a mess because we are not selfish enough.

Stay tuned in part 2 of this thought….  I will share with you how and why YOU need to be selfish!  

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