Why Failure Is The Key To Success

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  1. Why Failure Is Good For Success    
  2. Why Failing Is Good
  3. Why Failure Is The Key To Success

Our topic is You Suck And Here’s Why. Every one of us sucks. And the reason for that is whenever you start something, you’re going to suck at it. I was reading a book the other day and he also said in the book, you suck and you better accept it. Whenever you start something, you’re going to suck. And you’re gonna suck pretty bad, but the more you do it, the less you suck and eventually you suck so little, you’ll actually get good at it.
Now, this came about today for me because I was talking to one of my clients. And one of the things I perform to them is I go through their personality profiling.
So I’ve got about three different personality profiles I go through with my clients and each one of them, I show that it shows the different styles that they have. Now today I was going through one of the personality profiles of someone and he said to you guys, this was actually very, very interesting for him because it actually showed him things that he no longer believes about himself. He showed you a side of himself he no longer believes about himself. And then I’ll talk to myself. You know what? We all have self-doubt. We all have limiting beliefs and it’s normal. So what makes one person better than the other? And what makes one person achieve what others have not achieved and what makes one person keep going through that grind, through that hustle, through whatever it is you want to call it, to be able to achieve what others have not achieved.

And it’s 100% mindset. Whenever we start doing something, we are going to suck. The more we do it, we are going to suck a little less and a little bit less and a little bit less until we suck so little we actually get good at it.
One of the great things I learned when I was watching my son when he first started going live was that he had no inhibitions. When I first went live I always get jealous. I had to go online for about 20 minutes tell everybody my story. Tell everybody about why I’ve been posting stuff so much and so forth. And so you worry about things. But for him, he went on the first time and he literally did not give a shit. He was just talking to everyone like as if there’s nobody there. And I was looking at it, I was like wow, I learned a lot from him. Like this child and he has absolutely no inhibitions and just gives going out and doing what he wants, not caring about what anybody thinks. And I was like, how many of us actually live a life that way? Not worrying about what others think of us. Not worrying about where our life is going or what other people are going to say and how many of us allow these things to stop us from actually achieving what we want. So ask yourself this question. How many times have you gotten so close, so close to gold, so close to achieving your goals and then you stopped short?

How many times have you done that? What is the difference between children and us? Imagine a child fail once. And I know we’ve all heard this and it’s a cliche, but it’s actually real. It’s true. If we actually take it on board and actually listened to it and actually, make sure we apply now life as advice. Because as children, they have no limitations. They have no limiting beliefs. The child doesn’t know the stove is hot. So Tyler put his hand on the stove and then he would take it off when he’s hot. It’s only then that the child understands that I shouldn’t be doing that. That’s when the belief is formed about fire is hot. But before that, the child had no idea that fire was hot. So when we’re born where we are born, we’d have no beliefs.
We don’t know what’s right, what’s wrong. We don’t know where to stop. Where not to stop. Now imagine a child as she for the first time heard this or they go, Oh shit, I don’t want to walk anymore. Imagine you’ve done that. So the question is, what makes me curious about people is why can we do that as a child? Why can’t we do it growing up? You get in the car, you start learning, you’re shitting yourself. It’s a scary time. And then now you get in the car, you get to have this notion. You know you don’t know how you got there because it’s now in the neural pathways that you know how to drive. Now the question is why don’t we do that after the biggest things where there is a bigger risk or we are more emotionally attached to it?
Or are we putting so much weight on it? You’re always scared of failing, for example, whether it’s in business, whether it’s in career, whether it’s in your relationship, whether it’s in your body, you know, we’re are all of this comes back to your mindset, comes back to what belief do you have. Now for me, when I’ve gone live the first time a couple of weeks ago, I was shitting myself. I actually walked out of here and I was sweating. But I also feel high. It was like a drug. And I was like, okay. I actually did it the next day and I prepared. I spent a whole day the whole night before preparing and spent hours practising. And then I was like, and I did it. And then it was like, okay. The next night I prepared again. I prepared. And now I don’t even prepare.

I just wake up in the morning. I’m like, we’ll see what happens today. And I’ll talk about it tonight. Again, if you saw my post earlier, I spent hours yesterday doing my master class and some videos for the new website coming out and they found out some of it had no sound or the sound was bad and I had to read you all of them again today or most of them. Actually, we finished one last night and I had to do some today, but when I did it again today, it was so hard. Yesterday, I went to bed and I was absolutely drained. When I did it today. I was, I was smashed five videos in an hour and a half. It’s about repetition. And it’s about giving yourself the belief of what you’re doing and continuing to do that. So this is why you suck at least now You know why? It’s because you stopped from repeating it and getting better and better at it. Do you have any questions or you wanna talk about anything, please reach out to me.

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