The Inspiring Story Behind The Making Of The Lion King

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  1.     The Inspiring Story Behind The Making Of The Lion King
  2.     The Horrible Story Behind The Making Of the Lion King, And How It Will Inspire You
  3.     How The Power Of Belief And Dedication Saved The Movie, The Lion King.


Today’s hack is about mindset. This is the little known story behind the Lion King and how it actually almost never made it to a movie. Now, not many people know about this story, so hopefully, I can show something new with you guys to inspire you for the week.
Just a little story about the power of belief and dedication. So the original Lion King movie came out in 1994. So for people my age, it was a movie that we grew up watching and it was a very inspirational movie. Little did we know, it was actually doomed to fail. And the reason for that was the original director of the Lion King hated the song so much that he actually didn’t want anything to do with it. So then, it was given to a rookie and new director who was taught to take care of the movie. Now, for those of you that may or may not know this, the original Lion King was the first original story for Disney, which actually means all the previous ones were about fairytales and other folk stories we already knew.
Anyway, Disney found themselves under of a lot of hot water and a lot of the people working on the Lion King actually started jumping ship and going over to working on Pocahontas, which is supposed to be the next big thing for Disney. Lion King was left with a whole bunch of rookie animators and rookie cartoonists working on the Lion King, but they were so dedicated. They actually packed up their bags and went to East Africa to learn about the African culture. And that’s where they learned the Swahili term, “Hakuna Matata” and they’ve learnt so much about African culture. They became inspired. They had so much newfound respect for different African cultures. And they went back to the US and they were inspired and full of songs in their heads.

Now, just as the movie started to take shape, it doesn’t stop there. Disaster struck them again. An earthquake hit the area surrounding the studio, which means they couldn’t make it work, but they were so dedicated that they actually started meeting at home to work on the movie and get it together.
They started to draw together for the movie and they started writing the characters and drawing the characters as Scar came from the actor’s voice of Jeremy Irons. That’s where he was inspired by the true picture of Jeremy and his voice. And that inspired them to write up the character. Jonathan Taylor Thomas became the voice of Simba. Nathan Lane and Aaron Sabella initially actually auditioned for the voice of the hyenas, but when they found the chemistry between them, they made an inch for Pumbaa and Timon. Now, just as you think that as finally over, they’ve gone over the hurdles — from nobody wanting to back the Lion King, going to East Africa, going over the hurdles of the earthquakes — just before the trailer was about to go live, they scrapped it and they changed the song to song that really inspired them and made them feel like they were back in East Africa, which is the Circle of Life that we all know.

Then they released it and the audience loved it and it became the highest-grossing movie in 1994 and it became the biggest movie for Disney. It inspired a Broadway play. This year they also did a remaking of Lion King.
I’m hoping that the story of how the original Lion King will inspire you to think about where in your life. Do you fall short or do you stop from actually going against all the odds to create or manifest something that you really, really love? This can actually change the world.
I think a lot of us do have something inside of us. We all have a calling. We all have something that we can leave a legacy behind, no matter how small or big, it’s about what we’re going to leave behind. What is the impression you’re going to leave on the world?

I hope I can inspire you to really go out there and do whatever you do in your life and do it with passion and also do it, do it with passion and do it with, from your inside I come to hope.
I hope each one of you is doing something that you truly love. I’m doing some things I truly love, which means I’m living my life on purpose. If you’re not and you really want to find out your calling, I can really help you do that. So reach out, touch base with me. We can go through a process and really find out what you guys, where your calling is.

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