How To Be A Successful Person

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  1. How To Be Successful In Life
  2. How To Become The Person You Want To Be
  3. How To Be A Successful Person In Life
  4. How To Be A Successful Person

Hey there! How are you? We’re going to discuss “Who You Have To Become A Successful Person”. So most of you who’ve been through some recent personal development, especially through UPW last week, and others who’ve been on a personal development journey over time, one thing that we all come across as we started going on a personal development journey, is that there has to be changes in who we are as a person. Now, when we have these changes, things start to happen in our lives, such as we start to have different people come in our lives and different people leaving our lives. And for many people I speak to overtime, that can cause some distress because they start feeling that they’re losing people, etc.
So I wanted to speak about this today and speak about what you can expect on your journey as you become more successful and who you’ve got to be to become a successful person. Because one of the things that some people sometimes miss is the journey to success, and how success is not just a destination. We change as people as we become more and more successful. This is something that I hear about in many of the masterminds and coaching programs and live events and books that I have read, is that the person who builds a business from zero to $100,000 is a different person than the one that builds the business from $100,000 to $1 million and then again from $1 million to $10 million. It’s a different mindset. You’re playing at a different level, you’re becoming a different person.

First of all, anticipate as people on this personal development journey. Because once we anticipate it, we can plan for it. The other challenge is that most of us come in at our families and especially in Western society, in Australia, we’ve got something called the Tall Poppy Syndrome. Now with the Tall Poppy Syndrome, you know when you start becoming successful, where you start rising above the rest, people around you start to either become jealous or they start telling you’re a dreamer and you should’ve been gone for all these things. You shouldn’t be investing. You shouldn’t be pushing to new levels, etc. And this can sometimes bring us down. What we need to understand is when you are moving and coming across, when you’re moving down your personal development journey and towards the drains that you’ve set for yourself and the goals that you set yourself, you’re going to change as a person.
You again, to become a better person — because the only way you’re going to succeed is by levelling up your own skills, your own mindset, your own belief systems, your own personal conversations in your head, your self-talk, your belief about yourself. This is what happens as you move up the success journey or your journey towards your goals. And sometimes, unfortunately, we have to let go of some people that are around us, some friends who are not serving our purpose, some family members. We have to put some barrier or some type of line, which they should understand, you know that they are on their own journey and you’re going to be there for them. You’re gonna love them, but they can no longer keep interrupting or keep interfering in your journey.
And this is very, very hard, especially for people who have a strong family unit and a strong family bond. It can be quite stressful. So I wanted to discuss that a little bit because you can still continue onto your personal journey. You can still continue moving on this journey and towards your goals and still have those family members around. You’ve just got to stick with your boundaries.
I’ll give you an example. And I haven’t actually discussed this up until today and this happened to me about maybe six weeks ago. I was doing one of my live videos and a person actually come up on my live video and they commented “stop going live” and try and get my attention. And you know what? That person actually did it from a fake account. I always put up a post saying, I’m going to go on live at this time and what I’m going to be talking about. Now this particular person, I still don’t know who it is. I don’t really care. But obviously they’re family members, family or friend doesn’t matter, but they went to that extent of actually creating a fake account and going onto my live feed and commenting on this or that. Everyone on the live video actually saw. I had people who I work with, some members of the gym, they came up to me the next day and they said: “Oh you know I saw this happening.” I was like, “You know what? This happens.”
It’s going to be people that are there who will hate what you’re doing and that is a reflection on them. As long as you are serving people at your highest level, you are inspiring people. You are doing something to better the community. You’re doing something to make a dent in the world that we live in. You just continue on your journey, there are those that will follow you. I’ve said it before. Those that matter don’t mind, and those that mind won’t matter. A lot of the friends that I have now on Facebook are people on that personal development journey and that’s great because these are the people I want to attract in my life.

I want to attract like-minded people who are going to hold me to a high expectation, who are going to hold me to a higher standard because those are the type of people that are going to keep pushing me to keep going forward. They kept, people were going to pull me down or people who because of their own insecurities or they are too scared to stick out of their own comfort zone and put themselves out there, they want to bring other people with them. These are talking with people who I wish the best for or my hand will always be out to help them with. Then I want to go on a journey. Then that is a decision they’ve made in their life. At the end of the day, just think about who you are becoming. And as long as I always say this, if you can grow it internally and externally, you are going to continue moving forward and you’ll attract people who are going to be on your journey.
Because as we move, our surroundings influence us. As much as we like to say they don’t because we’re high achievers and we say we can do everything we can. The reality is our surroundings sometimes do actually influence us. So how can you create better surroundings? Who are peers you bring into your life? What surroundings and what kind of environment are you creating in your own household with your family, with people that you love? Are you creating an environment of growth or are you creating an environment of non-growth or you know, envy? So make sure you are working not just on yourself but also on those that are around you.
As we know, your network is your net worth. So if you keep levelling up your network, you’re going to live up to your net worth. So the main thing is to keep replacing the habits, the people around you, and your belief systems with better ones that are going to serve your purpose because that’s how you’re going to move forward. And lastly, make sure you are obsessed about your success. You immerse yourself in the development in whatever area you’re working in because that’s how you’re going to move forward. If you do that, you wait from now a month from now, a year from now, you’re going to find a massive, massive difference in your life
I wish you all an amazing week where you’re smashing goals and you’re kicking goals and you’re just taking your life to the next level. Do you have any questions? Feel free to reach out. Always happy to have a chat and remember, your only limitation is the limitation. You sit up in your own mind.
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