A Simple and Effective Way To Lose Weight

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How To Lose Weight Fast and Safely
A Simple and Effective Way To Lose Weight
Today’s topic is about the world’s number one fat loss drug and it’s free. Now, why is that? Usually, I’d be speaking about mind, bond, body, and calling.

But we talk about this a lot. We see it wherever we go. And the reason I’m talking about this today is for two reasons. One is, as you all know, I started my own online body transformation, which I’m going to be sharing with you guys on a weekly basis. I started last Monday and I started tracking my food and looking at exactly what I ate every day and keeping that in mind.
Every Monday I weigh myself, I look at how I’ve done and how much weight I’ve lost. And I’ve lost about half a kilo in about a week, but I have been training. So I’m trying to put on some muscles as I do it. The other reason is most people usually, on the weekend they overindulge. They eat and they drink too much. They might have some things that they shouldn’t be putting in their body and they feel guilty being a gym owner. I know that Mondays, usually our busiest days, Wednesdays and Thursdays and starts to quiet down. Friday nights are very, very quiet.
If you do want to train, I highly recommend a Friday night. Gyms are usually quiet from Fridays to Sundays. But Mondays, people get that motivation and they start going back to the gym. That’s indicative that people overindulged over the weekend and they feel guilty.
So what is the number one fat loss drug that is available to us? Each and every one of us wishes in Western society, we all have access to this. And funnily enough, it is water. If you drink, if you increase your water consumption, you will find that you will start losing weight now. People are looking at the three things in losing weight — water, fiber, and protein. These are the three things that I always helped my members with. And once they start realizing and they start tracking their food, many people come back and say, “I didn’t know that I wasn’t even having enough protein.” Most of the time, 99.9% of the time, I’m usually correct were they not having enough water and not hydrated and not having enough fibre and they don’t have enough protein. And then they wonder why they’re not getting the results. Well, this is why you’re not getting results once you stop. And I discovered this when I quit smoking, I knew that when I quit smoking, the chances of me putting on weight is going to increase because that’s usually what happens.
Most times when you go to the fridge and you open the fridge, you want to eat something. I guarantee you 80% of the time you’re not hungry. You’re just thirsty. And if you just had a drink, if you have a glass of water half an hour before you ate, you find yourself eating a lot less. Because most of the time, most of us are running around dehydrated more than actually being hungry. My recommendation is, know how much water you need daily as compared to your body weight.
But for now, for most women, it’s 2 litres of water a day’ men, aim for 3 litres of water a day. You’ll find a massive change in your health and fitness. First thing you’re gonna find in the first week that you go there.  , when you start drinking more water, the first thing you find is that you’re going to piss a lot. You’re going to be running to the tour quite a lot in the first week. And I remember when I first started, and look, I’m not perfect. I’ll find myself, I guess through times when I’m drinking a lot and then I’m not, I’m drinking a lot, then I’m not, I’ve got to catch myself. So even may, you know, I hold myself accountable and I track myself. Whenever I find one, I saw that I’m not drinking.
Once your body adjusts to that amount of hydration, that’s when you are fine. You become more regular, you can have more energy, your mood will become better, you’re just going to feel better overall. So water is one of the main nutrients that your body needs. And this is probably one of the main things that most of us are not having enough of.
Peace out guys!



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