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Who is Wassim Dabboussi?

My mission and purpose in life is:

To Help Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs Make A Positive Dent On The World To Leave A Legacy Behind And Live An Inspiring Life!

As a migrant to Australia at the age of 10, growing up in one of Sydney’s toughest areas in the 90’s. I had to quickly learn to overcome adversity, bullying and peer pressure at a young age to survive in the south west. Having a lisp and 4 S’s in my name, growing up in an area where bullying was rampant, I developed humor as a defense mechanism to overcome this. I’ve learnt that having the ability to laugh at one’s self, is one of the fastest and best ways to build confidence and overcome the fear of judgment!

At one point, I lost over $100,000 in a day when my business partner walked out on me. I almost went bankrupt and had to live with my parents together with my family. I had to turned my life around. I leveraged the POWER inside to DOMINATE LIFE in less than a year and a half.

Since then I have had multiple successful business in different industries. I have been able to achieve multiple six and seven figure results for me and my clients, one of the companies I worked with I was able to bring them over FOUR Million Dollars a month consistently.

What you can expect by working with me

  • Understand why you do what you do
  • Unravel the deep unconscious beliefs, values and meta programs that drive you daily.
  • Create a compelling future by understanding your past and seeking your grander learnings
  • Raise your energy and vibrancy by understanding energy basics
  • Alling your conscious and unconscious mind so that they co-conspire for your success
  • Become congruent internally and externally in such a profound way that you no longer have internal conflict
  • Understand human buying behaviour and secrets of influence that will exponentially grow your sales and marketing efforts 
  • Introduce you to a quick effective techniques to create change in your life instantly, in your finances, health, relationships, and career.
  • Have the latest Neuro Re-engineering Technologies at your finger tips that will allow you upgrade your internal software and install the latest apps to utilise parts of your hardware you did not have access to previously
  • Help you eradicate limiting past unconscious programs
  • Rise to your greatness by embodying the Peak Performance Habits of the wildly successful and the elite.

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My Why?

To Help Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs Make A Positive Dent On The World To Leave A Legacy Behind And Live An Inspiring Life!

I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey when I was the age of 25 and found myself with a newborn child and my wife taking time off work with a $450,000 mortgage with on a $45,000 wage following that we found ourselves that we couldn’t pay our mortgage repayments and had to move in with my parents and rent out our property.

I did my first live presentation in front of 700 people at the Sydney convention centre in 2008. When the global financial crisis hit, I lost $100,000 in a day that day was one of the most devastating days in my life I remember coming to my in-laws house and breaking down and crying on the dinner table

Since then, I’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in my personal development and attended events all over the world. Many times, I would borrow the money to be able to get to one event. I knew that I will never ever go broke investing in myself. I am who I am today because of the investment in myself

As a results I have been the number one salesperson bringing in over $4,000,000 every single month consistently. 

All these learnings set me up for the Corona Virus Pandemic. The Pandemic caused me to lose all my income with all my businesses shutting down. I had to quickly pivot my business and build my income from scratch. After 7 weeks of the pandemic I was able to grow my income and make over $102K in sales in the midst of pandemic.

Are You A Struggling With Any Of The Following?

  • Not having enough leads?
  • Not knowing who your perfect customer is?
  • Not being able to close as many sales as you want?

Well, pick up my newest book!

The 6 Deadly Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make And How To Avoid Them! ​

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